Men's T-Shirt Customized print

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Men's T-Shirt Customized print

Our custom printed shirt for men is here!

You know as well as we do that the most important thing in fashion is not to follow the latest trend, but to follow your heart and to stay true to yourself. The fashionable brands aren’t going to make you stylish if you don’t like their designs and creations. If nothing can really satisfy you when you’re out shopping (online or in a mall), then there is still one solution for you: create your own t-shirt from scratch. If you’re an artist (aspiring or not, we don’t judge), you can create your own design: colors, shape, size, you choose it all. The only thing left for you to do is to slap it on your shirt, and you’re done !

But custom shirts are also a great gift! You can plaster you and your best friend’s inside joke on the front, to create a unique item that will fit your friendship like no other! You can even get a bulk of customized shirts to fit the whole group if you so wish! You can get each shirt with its own design, or one design for all of them, it doesn’t matter! The only thing that does matter is that in the end, it suits you all like a glove!

If you are a company and wish to make a bulk order for a group of 50 or more people, you can contact us to get a special price!

Customize your shirt with us!

Our tee-shirts are super easy to customize, to prove it, here are our 5 steps to get your custom shirt:

  1. Choose your base colors. First think about the kind of picture you want to put on your shirt, and then choose the shirt color. Why? Because you want the image and the shirt to look good together don’t you?
  2. Then, create your own design or logo, or choose the picture / image you want to print. You can take another good look at the colors you’ve chosen to make sure everything looks perfect. You can also choose one of our logos and pictograms, it doesn’t matter. To help you, we even offer the option to import your own picture from Instagram or Facebook.
  3. Optionally add a bit of text to your shirt. A custom picture is good, but personalized text is always a nice addition to it! Be it a few letters or a full sentence, feel free to write the text you want.
  4. Add it to your cart, order it, and our production floor will immediately receive the order! They will start production to get it delivered to your mailbox.
  5. Receive the package, thank the delivery man, open, and enjoy!

A few things you should remember : you can personalize both the front and the back of the shirt! Don’t forget to do one side, we warned you ! You can adjust your design however you want! We are of course limited by the size of our printer, but apart from that, you can modify your design however you see fit.

Our brand and products

When you buy a clothing item from our online shop, you are choosing to buy organic cotton. Yes, all of our products, including shirts, personalized or not, are completely made of organic cotton. That is true for all our clothing line (we, of course, don’t make mugs out of cotton). Because we are trying to do what's best for you, our customer, but also for our planet, our clothes are pesticide and chemical free. So if you are mindful of your environment, don’t hesitate to shop with us!

Who are we? We are a French brand which began its adventure not so long ago in 2013! We try our best to get our customers the best retail experience, even online! From making your tee-shirts to delivery, we try to ensure that everything is perfect, and are striving to be the best! If you entrust us with an order, you can be sure we are going to take great care of, from printing to fast-as-lightning delivery! We also try to regularly put products on sale to help your wallet, though our prices are fair to begin with.


100% organic cotton


Machine washable, 30°C returned product




Done in Bordeaux

Size guide

A: Chest width(cm)43.546495255586164
B : Body length(cm)6466697274767880
C : Sleeve length(cm)1919.520.521.522.522.523.524.5

Custom printed T-shirt for men

Why Monsieur TSHIRT custom designs? For our humor, the quality of our organic cotton clothing and our customer service! Monsieur TSHIRT wants to make your outfits as comfortable as possible, with soft, environmentally friendly and durable textiles. Our suppliers are chosen with the utmost care to satisfy your creative desires. We have chosen organic cotton exclusively to limit the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and reduce the amount of water needed for manufacturing by 50%. You wear a casual product, while doing a good deed for the planet at the same time

A 100% personalized t-shirt

You are the artist! You have the choice among many possible variations: round neck, V-neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, ... While passing by many colors more pretty the ones than the others: white tee shirt, white mottled, gray, navy blue, blue jean, red, burgundy red, black, ... The personalization Monsieur TSHIRT it is also the integration of your images, photos, logos and texts. Place the various elements where you want on the front, the back or soon sleeves of your tee shirt.

In a few steps, your tee shirt will be ready to be printed and worn. You won't be disappointed!


How to create a t-shirt quickly and easily ?

You just have to create your own personalization with the different tools proposed on our website.

At first you will be able to define the characteristics of your product: men's t-shirt, women's t-shirt, children's t-shirt, the type of collar and sleeves, as well as the color and size. Then you will be able to insert your own designs, your own photo from your smartphone and/or choose visuals and templates that we propose. Each added element can be modified: you can enlarge it, move it, rotate it, shrink it, make it pass in front of another... Only one rule to all this: NO LIMIT! And finally, you will only have to imagine your text to complete your creation. Once these 3 steps are finished, you will have to choose the number of articles to order according to the various sizes proposed.


Cheap customization

The more you order, the more you save! The price decreases with the quantity ordered. The advantage of personalization is to be able to wear a t-shirt with your image to satisfy all your desires, at a low price. It can also be the ideal gift for Valentine's Day, a friend's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas. But it is also an opportunity for you and your team to proudly display the colors of your sports club (or belote), your company, start-up, for your sporting event, your association, your cultural event or to thank the guests of a wedding or your employees with a nice corporate gift. It is also an outstanding advertising object for your brand.

Moreover, all personalized items are sent free of charge to France and Belgium, so if you want to pay less for your t-shirt, just order several items!