Sweatshirt man Customized print

Colour: Navy blue

Sweatshirt man Customized print

Customize your sweatshirt with the message(s) of your choice.
You can also choose from many visuals created by us.
But to have a garment even more to your image, you can import your photos!

(If you import a picture, you must make sure that it does not violate the law, the rights of a person or a company).

If you already have some ideas, follow the guide to customize your template:

- Choose the size and color of your organic cotton sweater

- Choose the color of the print

- Then type in what you want to appear. Here, you are the King (or Queen): you can express your imagination to have your own personalized sweater;)

- Choose visuals among those present in our gallery or import your own designs, images and logos!

You can modulate each element of your creation to adapt it to your product: enlarge, shrink, move, rotate... everything is possible!

Don't forget, you can also customize the back of the article :)

Once your order is validated, we will print your item by hand in our workshop in Bordeaux and send it to you as soon as possible.

So now, it's up to you ;)

You want to customize a woman's sweatshirt, a man's tshirt, or a poster? for your company or an association ? Don't wait any longer and go and have a look here.

Benefit from discounts by customizing anything you want from 50 copies or moreCall us at : or 09 70 70 44 63 !

Everything is the same : quality and service Monsieur TSHIRT!

Attention, the customizable products are not exchangeable or refundable!


85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester


Machine washable, 30°C returned product




Done in Bordeaux

Size guide

A: Chest width(cm)4850.55356596265
B : Body length(cm)68707274767880
C : Sleeve length(cm)77.57980.58283.58585

Personalized printed sweatshirt for men

Why trust Monsieur TSHIRT for your personalization? Our company works hard every day to make your products a guaranteed success. We offer you original and humorous visuals, organic cotton clothes but also a great customer service! The material of our textile makes your clothes warm and pleasant to wear. All this of course thanks to an environmentally friendly and sustainable fabric. The choice of our suppliers is established with a lot of requirement to guarantee you clothes produced with finesse and durability. The use of organic cotton allows tolimit the use of fertilizers and pesticides of chemical origin, but also to use 50% of water less in its manufacture. You have an original garment that respects the environment

A customizable man's sweater ?

Many colors of sweatshirts are available: gray, navy blue, burgundy red, black, blue jeans, black mottled, white mottled, ... The customization Monsieur TSHIRT allows you tointegrate your images, logos, photos and texts. You want to place content on the front of the sweatshirt? Or on the back? It's up to you to choose the location of each element! Your garment will be ready in no time and can then be printed and worn. Guaranteed success ;)


How to customize your sweater quickly and easily?

It's super easy! We provide you with a very intuitive interface that allows you to create your own sweatshirt.

First step, you will be able to choose the characteristics of your product: men's sweatshirt, women's sweatshirt, children's sweatshirt, as well as the color and the size. Secondly, you will be able to insert your own images / photos from Instagram, your phone, a URL and choose visuals that we have made for you. The elements that you incorporate are all editable, so it is possible to enlarge them, move them, rotate them, ... Do as you wish! Third and last step, you have the possibility ofinserting your own text in the product to finish your creation. Once you will have completed these different steps, you will only have to define the number of items to order, taking care to select the different sizes available.


Customization that doesn't cost the earth

The more you add to your cart, the less you spend! The purchase price of an item decreases with the quantity ordered. The customization allows you to wear a sweater with your image for all your weekly outings. The customized men's sweater can also be part of your gift list for Valentine's Day, a buddy's birthday, Father's Day or Christmas. It is also an opportunity to wear a sweater with your entire petanque (or sports) club, your company, your university's BDE list or simply to have a quality sweater to wear with your boyfriend or your girlfriend

All the products are sent to you free of charge in France and Belgium, so don't wait any longer! If you want to get your cheap sweatshirt, just add several models of your creation to the basket!