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"Quick delivery, excellent quality, exactly as in the description."

By Khokhlatova T.on 2 July 2024

"Poster was perfect! Quick delivery!"

By Jenna M.on 1 May 2024

"i recommend trying their products. service is very professional. ps. thank you for the candies as a gift🤭"

By Moussallem A.on 1 May 2024

This is also what Monsieur TSHIRT is about

Next day delivery

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French company and after-sales

Operating out of Bordeaux

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From monday to friday from 9:30am to 12pm and from 14pm to 17pm

For your online shopping, choose Monsieur TSHIRT!

The perfect online shop for your clothes!

Here at Monsieur TSHIRT, we specialize in fun and casual wear for men! Our main goal is to put a smile on your face through a good punchline or a cute design. Though we initially specialized in t-shirts, we now offer a large selection of products, including accessories ranging from caps to beer mugs! If you are looking for women’s clothing, it’s this way . We also have kid’s clothes, but there .

Our brand, Monsieur TSHIRT, specializes in fun designs for everyone. Our products are perfect as a gift for friends, family, or even yourself. Fashion yes, but with some humor, that’s a must. Our brand also tries to be size inclusive, that’s why our sizes range from XS to XXL. We also try to keep prices on the small side. Of course, there’s a price for a product, we can’t give it to you for free (though we’d like to!), but we keep that one the lowest we can! We also regularly put some products on sale to help you.

Now that this introduction is finished let’s cut to the chase. In our shop you will find a lot of unique designs on clothing of course, like on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more, but also on accessories! Our accessories include mugs , aprons ! You haven’t even heard the best about our clothes and accessories: lots of them can be personalized!

You want to dress fashionable, but you also want to be true to your style? Or simply get something unique to wear with your friend? Or even maybe a special memento for a bachelor party? We have everything you need!

A great customer service for you!

Once you’ve ordered from us, we will try to make shipping the fastest possible! Teleportation has yet to be invented, so we can’t have it delivered in 2 minutes on the other side of the planet, but the spirit is there we swear. We’ve also worked hard to provide you with the cheapest shipping cost we could.

With our shop also comes an incredible customer service! Because we know that reclamations online can seem somewhat daunting, we have put a lot of time and effort into creating a customer service able to answer your every need. We are French, so you may need to excuse our accent and a few blunders (we promise we are not voluntarily butchering Shakespeare’s language), but we will still try our best to make your shopping experience great to the end.

Our commitment for the environment.

We may regularly put some products one sale, but it doesn’t mean our shop is trying to recreate a fast fashion business model. Quite on the contrary, we are trying our best to make fashion and clothing ethical. Of course we aren’t perfect by any means, but trying is the first step to make in order to change fashion. That’s also why our whole clothing line is produced with organic cotton. Men, women and kids clothes alike are only composed of organic cotton, produced with the environment in mind. Barely 1% of the cotton produced nowadays is organic and we are trying to make the right choice. You should still note that in some of our products, like the sweatshirts, cotton is mixed with polyester to make it easier to wear. Thus said, it changes nothing to our commitment. If you want to learn more about and, or are interested in buying more sustainable clothes, you can check out our upcycled clothing line.